Toronto Ultimate eXhibition 2019

Toronto Ultimate eXhibition 2019

Thunder’s first tournament of the season took place in rainy and cool conditions all over the lovely city of Toronto.  Saturday saw a lot of firsts for the team as they played against both new and old teams from around the area.  Thunder’s energy and enthusiasm ramped up as they battled through 4 back-to-back games on the turf fields of Cherry Beach.  Players from multiple fields over could hear the roar of our hippos as multiple run through D’s by Alex Bedley, a pinpoint huck by Jake Redekopp, and multiple money catches in the endzone by Bree (aka Bree$) had the team cheering for more throughout pool play on Saturday.

The team then got to enjoy a bit of a sleep-in before venturing out into the cool, windy, rainy, and muddy Sunday afternoon conditions.  Adapting quickly to a zone, both offensively and defensively, Thunder fought hard early Sunday afternoon to win their first two games.  With great offensive movement through the zone from Ben McCarron and a sweet sky-high grab between two defenders by Sarah Walther, Thunder kept up its intensity throughout the final game of the day against Mile High Club.  While coming up short in their final game of the day, Thunder managed to hold seed for the tournament.  The intensity and focus from this team, as well as the significant improvement in team chemistry over the weekend, sets the tone for a promising season for these hungry hippos.

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