May Day 2019

May Day 2019

Thunder’s strong start to the season continued with a solid 5th place showing at May Days 2019. Tested against strong competition, lightning delays, and multiple injuries, the team left the weekend seeing their chemistry and intensity continuing to grow.  May Days started off with fantastic hustle from Jake Redekopp; this defensive focus continued throughout the weekend with multiple extra effort layout D’s from May Nguyen and newly minted captain Carlie Sorgini!

Throughout the weekend, first-year hippos Scott Downing and Sean Rowe kept both teams on their toes with unreal energy throughout drastic weather changes every ten minutes.  On opposite ends of the height spectrum, Thunder veterans Rhi Hodgson and Lauren Dawson got the team going with some amazing catches on two less than ideal hucks. Lauren, striking downfield past her 6-foot-tall deep defender, whipped off her hat for that extra burst of speed and read the disc perfectly to snag it before drifting out of bounds.  Rhi got the crowd going even more when she later managed to come down with the bladiest of bladey blades right outside the endzone. In the fourth and final game of Saturday against a strong Force team, after a 50-minute lightning delay… Devon Asemota showed up and charged onto the field with fresh legs and a huge smile, helping everyone find that last burst of energy to finish the day strong!  This energy and growth continued over the weekend resulting in Thunder beating seed at their second tournament of the season.

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