Our Origins – Crash Ultimate

Crash Ultimate was a competitive mixed ultimate team based out of Kitchener-Waterloo and Guelph established in 2014. Crash was formed by a group of players looking to combine the talent in the KW (Whiplash) and Guelph (MuD) systems into one team with the goal of having fun, getting better and playing Ultimate with a great group. The 2014 season brought so much interest from the region, that a second team, Thunder was formed. In Crash’s inaugural year, they earned gold at the Canadian Ultimate Championships (CUC) held in their home city, Waterloo.

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Building Team Culture, Fundamentals, Good Decisions, & Depth

Continued to Focus on Developing Players

With only 6 returning players the following year, Crash continued to focus on developing players who value focus, spirit and putting in hard work over the next two seasons. This was made possible by the effort put in by Thunder leadership, having 10 players who came from Thunder with strong fundamentals and ready to play. More important than results, Crash’s leadership learned a lot coming up with new strategies to support their teammates in the 2017 season. In the Fall of 2015, after finishing 4th place finish at CUC in Winnipeg, Crash set a team goal of trying to qualify for the World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC) 2018  (although certain individuals had been considering this goal right from the start of the season). This goal defined Crash’s team process over the next two seasons and motivated the team to build the strongest system they could. 

Crash was committed to being a system that valued and supported all its players. Throughout the seasons, they developed goals and reflected on their successes and shortfalls towards gender equity.

2017 Qualifying Year for (WUCC)

The 2017 season was the qualifying year for (WUCC) in 2018. It was the time to see what Crash was made of, and if they could achieve the goal they had been working towards. For a team that normally focused on the process, having an outcome goal brought added pressure to the season. It was do or die. Crash worked hard and trusted the fundamentals the team had been built on. Despite the added pressure, Crash rose to the occasion, and truly peaked at the right time. They brought home a silver medal from Saskatoon and earned their spot at WUCC. Thunder alumni played a key role in Crash’s success, with 13 players on Crash’s roster having grown their skills playing with Thunder. Achieving this goal would not have been possible without the dedication of Yaacov Illand as a founder, coach, player and mentor along the way.

The Culmination of Everything Crash had Built.

The 2018 season was the culmination of everything Crash had built. At the World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC) in Cincinnati, Crash placed 5th in the World and finished as the top team outside of the USA. On top of that, they were the team that came closest to beating the very spirited and fun BFG (WUCC Winners) losing 15-12 in the quarterfinals. 

Crash’s goals were to consistently play every moment of every game at the highest level possible, with maximum effort and intensity while maintaining the greatest respect for our opponents and the sport we play. Crash emphasized playing with spirit and developing trust — values that continue on today.

“We responded to all types of adversity simply by working harder. Not by getting upset with each other, but by pushing each other to give more to the team.” –Dan Balzerson

“Our team culture contributed to our success, but it also made us proud of what we’d built as a team.” –Yaacov Illand

“It’s hard to put into words what Crash has meant to me these last few years. The experiences I have gained because of joining this sport were more than I could have imagined. I am so incredibly proud of this team and of the route we have taken to become one of the strongest teams in the country and world.” — Meg Bailey

“[Crash is] a team that loves each other. That love is a testament to the process, it doesn’t just happen, it is built, earned and fought for…. To be a part of something like that – for me the feeling is indescribable and something I’ll never forget.”  –Amanda “Koop” Froese

Canadian Ultimate Championships: 

2014 Waterloo, ON -1st Place

2015 Winnipeg, MB – 4th Place

2016 Hamilton, ON- 4th Place

2017 Saskatoon, SK – 2nd Place 

World Ultimate Club Championships (WUUC) 2018 Cincinnati, OH, USA- 5th Place 

Khaos Ensues

After achieving the big goal of qualifying for and then competing at Worlds, Crash selected captains for the 2019 season: Brittany Edgett and Chris McKie. In the wake of a momentous year, Britt and Chris set their sights on continuing to build the system and to help build the strength of ultimate in the area. It was in February 2019 when Britt and Chris joined forces with Jenn LeRoux and TJ Reeds. These four aimed to build a team with the following values and goals:

  1. Build an elite mixed team that represented the area West of Toronto.
  2. Build a sustainable team that tries to support and develop the ultimate community in the area.
  3. Win CUC 2019 and qualify for WGUC 2020.

While the values and the spirit of Crash lives on, it was decided that the new team would be branded with a new name and a new look: Khaos Ultimate.