Crash – WUCC Where We Failed

Crash – WUCC Where We Failed

We have been taking some time to reflect on the experiences that we had at WUCC, and would like to publicly address one aspect of our week that is not sitting well with us as leadership.

We are not proud of the way our team played in our first live-streamed game against Freakshow Singapore. Although we finished this game with a W on the scoreboard – it does not feel like a true win to us. We scored more points than them, but we didn’t win in our process and in the way we played the game.

In this game, we had a mere 1 goal scored by a woman, and 0 assists – stats which reflect a complete lack of women’s direct involvement in points. Stats alone don’t tell the complete story of an ultimate game but more importantly, beyond these stats, it feels obvious to us that we did not allow our women to use their strengths and skills on the field in this game. The disc largely moved between the men on our team on offense. We believe that had we done a better job of moving the disc through our women and calling lines with 4 women on them we would have had a better outcome in this game. Unfortunately we came to this realization too late and did not address it during the game.

While we have since identified some reasons why this happened in that particular game, it doesn’t really matter. We’re disappointed that we didn’t live up to the commitment that we made as a team towards gender equity. In particular in this game we did a bad job of trusting our women to win their matchups and giving them space to do so. We are sorry that this was the style of mixed ultimate that we presented to the world and we wish we had represented our club and community better in this game.

Crash would like to affirm the roles of women on our team and in our sport. We are fortunate to have strong, highly skilled, female athletes on our team, and we are always seeking to make the most and best use of these incredible skills on the field. We played other games games which better highlighted the skills of our women (even being noted explicitly by this Glasgow reporter) but we are sad that we weren’t able to live up to this commitment in every game. We realize this does not excuse the Freakshow game performance, but hope it shows not only that we are capable of better things, but that doing these things gives us great success!

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