Crash – Gender Equity

Crash – Gender Equity

Crash values the skill, ability, participation, and leadership of women on our team, and in our sport. We believe in and are committed to working towards gender equity, both within our team and in the larger Ultimate community. 

As a team, we commit to:

  • Choose our strategy based on utilizing our players’ strengths and skills, as well as taking advantage of our best matchups. This means:
    – Calling lines with 4 women.
    – Valuing women’s skill, ability and role on the team, by recognizing when they are in power positions on the field.
    – Creating and calling plays which highlight the strength of our women.
  • Intentionally seek opportunities to learn from our female teammates. This includes:
    – Creating opportunities for our women to give feedback to their teammates.
    – Empowering women to demo drills, and do the first rep of drills.
    – Empowering women to call plays on the line.
    – Encouraging cross-gender matchups in drills and scrims.
  • Use inclusive language and behaviour. This means:
    – Avoiding male-focused language (e.g. choosing to use “person defense” or “matchup defense”)
    – Calling out and having zero tolerance for dangerous plays.
  • Showcase the skill of our women on the field. This means:
    – Trusting women to win their matchups and giving them space to do so.
    – Providing viable and strong cuts that allow our women to show off their throwing skills. This includes giving women space to make throws whenever they have the disc.
  • Create time and space for our team to discuss the experiences of women in Ultimate and the issues of gender equity.
  • Highlight the achievements and actions of women in Ultimate through our social media accounts.

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